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The making of abacus,soroban  (about 2 minutes)

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We're dealing in Japanese tradional handmade SOROBAN.
Each of them is made by hand with great care.


We are selling Japanese traditional SOROBAN.
These handmade SOROBANS are certified as traditional craft by Japanese minister of Economy,Trade and Industry in 1985.


We have commitment to 3 qualities..

Quality:1 Our products are all handmade
Quality:2 Our products are made of wood.
Quality:3 You can carve your name on it.

・All you have to do is to push the button, then all the beads will be cleared.

・Magnetic Soroban uses permanent magnet. There are no tiny screws or spring, so it's very robust compared to those uses small parts one.

・This Soroban is highly recommended to those who need rapid calculation or who will take part in competitions.

Please feel free to contact me for any questioms.
My English is not so good but I would like to try my best.


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そろばん家は 【かめだけそろばん】の正規販売代理店です。
そろばん家は 【かめだけそろばん】の正規販売代理店です。
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